What You Need to Know Before Meeting Up with Commercial Printing Company

There are tons of things you probably want to ask the commercial printing company of your choosing but before you start asking, you may want to acquaint yourself with a few things.  Commercial printing works for just about any one and any company, start making one now.

1) Ready your Budget
You need to know just how much you will be shelling out for this print job so be ready.  Ask around, research and compare prices.  Do not just stick to one just because you are not in the mood to ask around.  Your pocket relies on how well you compare prices from other printers so work on it.  Make sure that you are comparing the same packages or print jobs with the same volume.

2) Be clear with your print needs
You need to clarify everything you need.  Start with your general vision on exactly what print type you need – brochures, folders, letterheads, inserts, calendars etc.  Then let them know the sizes and cuts you prefer.  Include add-ons like slits and pockets to the info too.  They will probably give you options on colors and paper types so start choosing and remembering to stay within your budget range.

3) Ready your Text
Since you already have your print type in mind, you have a general idea of just how much text you can include in it.  If it is just a one paged print make sure not to over do the writing and keep it simple.  Overstuffing will make your fonts smaller which will make your prints not so visible.

4) Option availabilities

• Fonts
All the fonts that you pick must be the right one for your theme, now if you do not have a theme and prefer to look professional, then keep it simple and use the more common fonts – fonts that have very limited design to it.  fonts sizes should also be chosen well, don’t make it to large that it occupies the entire art or it cuts a word, don’t make it too tiny either that people would have a hard time reading it.

• Colors
Colors printers use are CMYK and are quite a lot variations to choose from.  Keep everything simple and choose the right colors that would most likely be preferred by your target users.

5) Customer Service – Satisfaction Guaranteed
They must be able to give you the best customer service you can ever imagine.  You won’t be able to experience this of course without you trying them so go and ask around.  Ask every possible person you can talk to before committing to any of the printers you have in mind.  If everyone you ask likes the printer you have in mind, then that just may be the right printer for you.  Think of them as a future printer you can go back to anytime you need more prints so make sure you have a good working relationship with them.

6) Timely and Quality Prints

Printers should always have perfect prints all the time and in perfect time.  You need to clarify and be sure everything is black and white.  All prints must be perfect condition with no folds, no cuts or ink blots that are not supposed to be there.

Any Commercial printing company is there to assist but are they really the right printer for your company? Choose wisely as your company prints rely on that commercial printing you acquire.

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