What is a Wood Chipper Attachment Used for?

A wood chipper attachment is a crucial piece of machinery for any land owner or small business owner with a sizable parcel of land. Wood chippers lower scrub and scrap wood that cannot be sold as lumber or useful wood chips. Even the peskiest and most difficult to remove shrub or tree, such as mesquite, can become mulch or chips for smoking or barbecuing. The wood chipper allows you to salvage a profit from even the least desirable wood.

Wood chips are also more economical to transport off your property. Instead of loading branches and pieces of scrap wood, you can reduce the wood to small, compact pieces that are easily bagged and hauled away, saving you money.

When you get a wood chipper, look for one that is easy to use, especially for the type of wood you will be chipping and the level of use you expect to get from the chipper. A three point wood chipper is designed to be simple to attach to a tractor, enabling just one operator to set up and use the chipper. Make sure that the chipper is the correct size for your tractor as well before you purchase it. A versatile chipper will work well with a variety of tractor makes and sizes.

Another useful feature of a wood chipper or chipper shredder is infeed rollers that grab and pull in the wood without the operator needing to push or manipulate the branches into the machine. This is especially important if you plan to chip hard woods that can be hard to feed through manually. This feature not only makes the chipper safer to use by minimizing the contact the operator has with the machine, but it also allows the operator to feed larger branches into the chipper without needing to use force.

The ideal chipper should also be made from high quality parts. Chippers are used heavily and should be strong enough to last year after year without breaking down. The parts make all the difference in the durability of your chipper. High carbon blades and quality steel construction will not only help make sure that your chipper continues to work well year after year, but also that it will stand up to the elements.

To make sure that your chipper will stay useful and in good working order, make sure that it comes with a standard warranty. Two years is ideal, however some purchasers prefer a longer warranty. The blades will wear out over time, so make sure the manufacturer keeps replacement parts in stock so you can quickly switch them out when necessary.

Whatever you use your wood chipper or shredder for, make sure that your purchase is one that you will be satisfied with. If you do your research and make an informed purchase, your chipper will be one of the best investments you have ever made for your property or business.

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