Most Effective Rock Cutting Equipment

Rock cutting dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Once an arduous task that required thousands of man hours, rock cutting today can be performed efficiently and cost-effectively using the right equipment. Excavate, trench, mine and perform other essential construction tasks using accurate, efficient rock cutting equipment that uses the latest in rock cutting technology.

Rock cutters use cutter heads to slice through rock precisely. Carbide teeth are attached to rotary drums to allow rock cutters to break up, cut through or grind rock and concrete easily. Different cutter heads and types can result in considerable size differences in chips. Efficiency may also be affected by the kind of cutter heads that are used. Conical cutter heads can generate a high volume of small chips while steel ring cutters can produce a lower volume of large chips.

The best rock grinding equipment is functional, powerful and precise. They can be used not just for powering through rock or concrete but also for mining, trenching and other major construction projects. By customizing them with several attachments, you can be ready for any job at hand whether you are scaling dams or grinding rock. They feature incredible cutting force and massive torque and will cut through dirt, soft rock and hard rock without wearing out or breaking. Precision features allow them to be used in the most delicate of areas. You can even work near other structures with limited noise and vibration.

Horsepower, size and hydraulic pressure can vary widely. The rock cutter you choose for your job may be able to be used with a variety of excavator platforms. The smallest rock grinders have 24 horsepower and a maximum hydraulic operating pressure of more than 5,000 psi. Larger ones can have up to 200 horsepower, and they can be used with excavators that are more than 40 tons.

Compact, flexible equipment can revolutionize your rock cutting tasks. Automated cutting, guided equipment and waste extraction can all improve efficiency and reduce overall expenses. The right rock cutting equipment can eliminate the need for explosives and improve the productivity and safety of your team.

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