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Bangalore was previously known as an AC city or a pensioners paradise. Traditionally if we look at Bangalore, it has been a manufacturing hub with a lot of people preferring to settle in Bangalore after their retirement. This was largely because of its easy life, wide roads, greenery and a very good climate. However, during the 90s Bangalore drastically changed into a youthful city with the IT boom. This meant that every global IT Company worth its salt was setting up in their backend offices in Bangalore; so much so that it became popularly known as the Silicon Valley of the East. The demographics of Bangalore which used to be more of elderly retired people, people working in manufacturing units changed completely. What we have today is 20 years of economy opening up in Bangalore with an average population which is below 30.

This means that the psychology of the population has completely changed from being a sleepy town to being something which is alive and kicking all 24 hours. 15 years ago no shop would be open in Bangalore beyond 9.00 pm in the evening. Today if one looks at Bangalore, it has more night spots more than any other city in India. The entire mood in Bangalore is youthful and colourful.

This has led to a drastic change in the nature of architectural style in Bangalore: from Architects in Bangalore its slow moving retirement style or industrial style to a very fast and youthful style catering largely to corporate offices, large format retail outlets, fast – food joints and so on. The main reason for this change is attributed to the IT Industry which set up large campuses in Bangalore, in places like Whitefield. As the IT Companies grew, their facilities needed to be supported with residential apartments and all other ancillary units spreading across the city.

This also opened up a lot of new avenues for architects in Bangalore and a lot of home grown architects have become very successful in Bangalore over a very short period of time. Earlier there was a fascination for architects from Chennai and Mumbai to design and construct large industrial setups in Bangalore, but today the trend is to go with the local architects in Bangalore who have graduated in the 80s , 90s and probably in the early 2000s because they understand the culture of their city more than people from outside of Bangalore.

In almost all the corners of Bangalore today one will find international brands, the latest coffee houses, latest movies in very swanky multiplexes. All this is throwing up a host of opportunities for architects in Bangalore. Architects in Bangalore today have to build commercial buildings, multi – storeyed apartments and interiors of homes of people who live in these multi storeyed buildings. Besides this, they have to do the interiors of the international commercial buildings, retail outlets to the latest global standards, multiplexes and a lot of architects in Bangalore itself are designing campuses of large American and Indian companies. Campus designing and green building designs also offer avenues of opportunities for architects in Bangalore.

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