How to Remove Milk Stains from Carpet

Milk spills are something usual when there are young children in the house. Milk stains must be very thoroughly removed to avoid a sour milk odour. However, even old, these stains can be easily removed when tended to the right way. Supplies found in most homes can be successfully use to eliminate milk stains. Keep in mind always to use cold water when removing milk stains, as hot water will cook the protein contained in the milk and cause the stain to permanently cling into the carpet fibers.

  1. Press a thick layer of paper towels onto the stained area to absorb the spilled milk. Replace the wet paper towels with clean ones and continue soaking the milk up until most of it is absorbed.
  2. Pour isopropyl alcohol on a terry towel and blot the milk stain on your carpet. Switch to a clean side of the towel when one gets soiled and add more alcohol, if needed. The isopropyl alcohol will lift the milk stain from the carpet and transfer it onto the terry towel, according to cleaners Brockley.
  3. Soak a clean terry cloth in a solution made of ¼ teaspoon of hand dish-washing liquid and 1 quart of water. Blot the milk stained area of your carpet with the cloth, then use another clean, dry cloth to soak up the soapy solution by pressing.
  4. Soak a clean cloth in plain, cold water, and blot the carpet to rinse it . Rinse the cloth frequently while blotting.
  5. Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to get rid of the moisture and any remaining milk stain. Rinse the carpet again if the water that comes up looking milky. You may need to rinse the carpet several times before the water looks clean.
  6. Once the carpet is almost dry, sprinkle baking soda on the area where the milk stain was. Baking soda will absorb any remaining liquid while freshening your carpet, according to cleaners Collier’s Wood.

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