How To Clean Your Shoes

How To Make Them Last Longer?

We all wear shoes of some kind. They are very important part of our clothing, because without them we will have to walk on the dirty ground with bare feet. Given that in mind, they tend to get dirty quickly. So depending on what surface we walk we have to clean them once every few days or weeks. And with so much different materials sometimes is hard to choose the the exact way to clean them without making some kind of damage. So here are some tips and advices on how to properly clean and maintain them.

First of all before we engage in any type of cleaning we must observe the type of material of which they are made. Depending on that the cleaning process and detergents used in it may be different. There are three main materials for shoes – leather, suede and canvas. So we will go through these three types of cleaning shoes provided by the professionals at cleaners Clapham.

Let’s start with the leather. If you wear the shoes every day it will be good to clean them at least twice a week. Start with a soft cloth with water and some soap to clean off the dirt and dust. After that apply some polish. There are all kind of colors, but we prefer the natural one or wax. Apply it gently with your fingers and then with a cloth wrapped up around your thumb. Repeat the process until desired polish is achieved. And now to the suede shoes. As with the leather you need to clean them twice a week. It’s very important to spray them with some special suede protector first when you buy them and later after each cleaning. This will protect them against water and stains, and will make them much more easier to clean afterwards. Suede is a delicate material and marks very easily. So use a special suede brush to remove dirt and oil stains, and do this as fast as possible. When badly stained those shoes may not look the same so take a good care for them. And we get ti the canvas shoes. Comparing to the other two materials, canvas is much more durable and requires less care. It’s enough to clean them once every few weeks. Or best even clean them on the go. Putting them in the washing machine is a bit of a risk, so the best way to clean them is to use some water and detergent and a soft toothbrush.

Another useful tip is to use “shoe trees” for the shoes you really like. Shoe trees are made to be as a permanent foot inside the shoes and maintain their proper shape. The best option is to go for the wooden ones instead of the plastic, because wood absorbs moisture and helps deter odors.

In Conclusion

Maintaining your shoes is really not such a difficult task. After all it’s a small price for what they give us in return. Some 20 minutes twice a week should be enough to keep them clean and in perfect shape. And of course if you step in something very unpleasant, you can always give them to the professionals. They will know what to do.

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