How to Clean the Upholstery Furniture in the End of Tenancy

To clean the upholstery furniture before you move out from a rental property is one of the most important chores. If you leave your sofa, arm-chair, mattress or other upholsteries stained and dirty, your landlord might consider them damaged and keep your safety deposit. This is something that no one wants, as a deposit is usually equal to or bigger than a monthly rental payment.

Most tenancy cleaning specialist advise that you hire a steam cleaning machine for the upholstery cleaning. This type of equipment is said to be the best on the market, and you can remove all kinds of stains and dirt with it. There is only one small detail – you have to be careful not to oversaturate the upholsteries. If you release too much steam, the furnishings will absorb the moisture and will start smelling bad after a while. This is also a serious issue and your landlord might keep your money because of it. Remember one more thing – always dry the upholsteries with a hair dryer, or if possible take them out at the sun to dry naturally.

Here are some tips from an end of tenancy cleaning specialist on how to clean the different types of upholsteries:

Sofa and arm-chair – take your vacuum cleaner and place a different from the one you use for the floors brush attachment. Vacuum the pieces of furniture well. You must even pick up their cushions and run the appliance underneath them. The area under the cushions usually gathers a lot of chips bits, crumbs and whatever you’ve eaten while sitting on the furnishings. If you have a pet, especially a long-furred one, I recommend that you remove its hair from the upholsteries, too. You can use a damp cloth for this purpose. Rub the furnishings in the direction of their fibres and you’ll collect the hair. Once you finish with these tasks, you can start steam cleaning your sofa and arm-chair.

Mattress – the mattress cleaning is not very different from the sofa and arm-chair one. You have to vacuum both sides of the furnishing first. Then you have to rub it with a damp cloth, in case there is pet hair on it, and after that to steam clean it. If you want you can also take the mattress out at the sun and beat it a little bit to remove the dust mites that are deep into its fibres.

If you don’t think that you’ll manage to clean the upholstery furniture in your lodging, then don’t risk ruining it. Call a move out cleaning London company and let its specialists do the task for you. They will make the upholsteries of your landlord look like new again.

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