Easy Commercial Printing Must Knows

It is important that you understand the process of commercial printing even if you just cover the basics, the exact area where you are needed.  The process is simple, it’s the commercial printer search that may be a bit tricky specially if your goal is to create outstanding prints with impeccable quality.  Make sure to find a printer that has a few of these qualities if not all of it:

• Approachable anytime, from the moment you inquire to the time you come to them for any issues

• Friendly but still professional

• Knowledge bank but still generous with sharing what they know

• Always ready to assist you when you are having trouble doing your tasks before file submission

• Creates great quality prints that are impeccably clean with no visible ink blots, tears or fold that are not included in the design

• Give you a good and reasonable rate, and if they give a bit of a higher price will explain the details to you so you understand what made the prices high.

After you have chosen your commercial printer, here are a few things to work on and remember to do.  Give your printers less headache and follow what they tell you, the printing process will be a lot faster if you do.

Colors are different from what you see in your monitor and what you see in the prints.  So make sure that you are using the CMYK color model and not RGB, otherwise your colors are likely to change from the ones you picked out to the ones printed.

Paper Choice
Papers vary on how they absorb ink and the thickness of the paper (some measure this by its weight in grams) the thicker ones with good absorbency are the ones that are a bit more pricey.  So if you really don’t need the thicker papers because you intend to change it in the very near future stick to the mid-range ones.

Print dimensions

Follow your dimension in detail.  what size you expect to see on your prints should be the exact size of your crop line.

Print volume
The best way to get your print volume needs is to think about your intended users or target Market and count them then check your finances if you can afford to pay for it.  if your population is a bit too large and you cannot afford for all of it, try to get a minimal percentage of the population or subdivide and have a sub-group inside your population.

Now, if you can afford just about any amount have as much stuff printed as you can in one go.  The more prints you have, the cheaper it will be per piece which will obviously save you a lot of dollars in the long run and save you more time to do other things instead of having to go back to the printers to have more prints done because you didn’t add it to your previous package.

Turnaround time

Commercial printing depends on your commercial printers but relatively their regular printing time is a week. Depending on your printing volume and other requirements, your turnaround time can be less than a week.  Should you really need it on a specific time ask the printers for a rush print jobs but if you are in a penny pinching mode, do it earlier than expected at least two weeks before your required date.

For more easy tips and wise ideas about cost effective and impressive print materials visit: commercial printing.

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