Coming To Terms With Holiday-Making As An African

The concept of holidays is still very much an alien one to most Africans. There are clear similarities however, with how people in Africa relate to holidays and holiday-makers with what was the English attitude of vacations were in the fifteenth and and sixteenth centuries.

Although they inhabit a continent rich in natural resources, Africans are predominantly poor. The majority only go on work or business trips; or pilgrimages to Mecca and other religious places of worship such as Rome. Holidays generally mean a time for rest or celebration. Christmas, Easter, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are the four major periods in the year when Africans might travel.

Most Africans still consider any travel decadent which does not involve visiting family back home, going on a business trip or travelling for work, or for medical treatment/check-up. Even those of us who have more or less been brought up in the UK, the idea of going on a beach holiday or to some exotic city just for a break and to relax still sits uncomfortably in our psyche.

Most of our parents did not go on holidays as such. They other went home to visit family, usually in rural Africa, or sent their families in Africa any extra money they had which was not going towards their children’s education. Most us can still remember the usual rants and questions from our parents to justify our lac of travel:’Who do you think puts food on your table?’ and: ‘When we were your age…’

Thankfully these attitudes are changing; second generation Africans living in the UK are beginning to realize that a greater balance is needed in their lives. Helping your extended family is often necessary and commendable, but so is living your life and enjoying the fruits of your labour. We do not have to totally shirk off our responsibilities back home and go on exotic holidays every year. We can, however, find a middle ground with much more affordable holiday destinations which means we can still help and visit family whilst still living our own lives. The UK has many holiday resorts and there are great deals with for example with: Thorpe Park Hotel and  Blackpool Pleasure Beach Hotels. Besides, let’s face it, most of us have explored very little of the British Isles in our own backyard.

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