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The website also includes a page of Chinese calligraphy cards. The piece she played was so haunting and beautiful that the audience was riveted for every second of it. Only wear these colors when something happens to your family, such as at a funeral. Mom said Grandma started to prepare for the feast a week before. This day have importance in every ones life as many made resolutions and follow them.

Lion dances are usually performed by men, even boys under a long lion costume. In the Philippines, Chinese Filipinos also exchange “ang pao” during their Chinese New Year. The Chinese Lion Dance will entertain with pounding drums, exploding firecrackers and a serpent like Chinese lion winding it’s way through the dining room will entertain diners. Also, in the evening there will be a variety of music, dances, magic, martial arts, as well as other Chinese cultural performances. The New Year is the year of tiger as the religious myths says.

The reason is that “breaking” can mean a lot of different things, such as the first sign of bad luck; you will be “broke” for the whole year; a “break” in your relationship; or you may “break” a leg. Asian communities in San Francisco and New York have parades, banquets, and firework shows to celebrate as they do in China. Calendar 2011 demand even months before Start the New Year . The varieties of things that are included in the Chinese crafts are embroidery, Block engraving, paper cutting, calligraphy, printing and color application, knot craft, painting and many others. I remember in the early years of my childhood.

Experts believe the New Year 2011 in china would be calm like the nature of rabbit. The Dragon represents nobility and luck, and is one of the most popular amongst Chinese celebrated years. Decorate your greeting card with red and gold. There sat invitingly four large round wooden tables all in a row. It can’t be described as a variety show, and it’s not really a Broadway musical, but it is different from anything else out there.

Find colours of the rainbow sprinkled around Jurong Bird Park this chinese new year with life-sized 3D art displays of birds, vibrant flower arrangements, a Zodiac Quest, the quintessential lion dance, big head doll and God of Fortune appearances! NTDTV’s Chinese New Year shows are an unique opportunity to experience the magic of traditional Chinese culture. Among them, the States United States last year, total sales to more than 2 times of the Spring Festival, Suning Appliance sales growth of more than 300%; Wing Lok Chinese New Year 7 days a turnover of over 500 million nationwide, a record high. There is no particular place for making those crafts. In modern times, it is a season to put the past behind and look forward to the future.

If you have pictures of lion dances, put it in your card. The ancient Chinese were into posting images of their “gods” on the front doors. Same time, occurrence of love festival, valentine day shows that it is time for celebration with nature. Aside from wall and door scrolls, Chinese families also decorate their homes with flower and animal cutouts. It is traditional to clean your house starting a month before the New Year to make room for good luck.

The Chinese New Year 2012 falls on January 23 this year. After your print out the template onto red paper, you will need to cut it out. Traditionally the highlight of the celebrations was religious ceremonies dedicated to Heaven and Earth, household gods and ancestors. It is said that as large as the cake the year would me more prosperous. The New Year celebration includes the traditional dance form of china that is dragon dance performed by the people.

Witness the Chinese Lion Dance at the front entrance of the Hotel as it welcomes the Year of the Pig. The San Diego Chinese New Year Food and Cultural Fair is a great event for savoring authentic Chinese food. Offerings of sugarcane are made to the Jade emperor and honored guests will drink tea. Often time’s individuals will wear new clothes to symbolize a new start. While the Romans spread Christianity, they declared November 1 as the “All Saints’ Day”.

It will take us a lot of researching to know them all because there are so many. The presence of these objects is said to cut out the good luck.

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