Your cup of tea overflows with good health

The benefits of drinking green tea (catechin)

1.Eliminates free radicals.
2. Relieves fatigue.
3. Suppresses ageing.
4. Controls high blood pressure. Regulates cholesterol.
5. Lowers blood sugar.
6. Provides oral care and natural fluoride, helps prevent cavities and tooth decay.
7. Improves intestinal flora.
8. Deodorises and neutralises unpleasant body odours.
9. Have anti-radioactive properties.
10. Provides relief from stress.
11. Aids weight loss by speeding up the metabolism, burning fat and calories.
12. Boosts your immune system.
13. Reduces arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
14. Reduces harmful effects of cigarette smoking.

Herbal bath or a foot bath:
There are two methods to prepare a herbal bath or a foot bathto get the maximum effect from the natural ingredients of the herbs. First, try dried herbs in a cloth and leave in your bath water for 15 minutes, so it absorbs all the goodness. Use this water to enhance your bathing experience. Keep the bag in the bath while you bathe so that the goodness draws out of the herbs and works its magic on the body.

For a tranquillity special bath, simmer up to 3 chamomile tea bags before putting it in the bath. You could also add 2 drops of sweet marjoram and 2 drops of rose.

Always use spring water whenever possible:
a. Use I teaspoon of tea leaves per cup. If brewing a pot of tea, throw in an extra teaspoon for the pot.
b. Bring fresh, cold spring water to a rolling boil. Pour boiling water over tea. For green and white teas, use slightly cooler water that is heated just to steam. If water boils, let it cool for 1 minute before adding it.
c. Steep all green teas for 3 minutes.
d. Herbal baths can be prepared by boiling bath water with herbal tea bags. Or just allow the herbal teabags to soak in the water, and infuse their goodness into your bath water. leave herb bags under hot water taps for the best effect.
e. Herbal infusions: steep for 10 minutes or 15-30 minutes for the medicinal and the root teas. Separate the leaves from the water using a strainer.
f. Consuming 0.9 litres of tea daily over a period of time-the fluid equivalent of 2.5 cans of soda-may reduce low density lipoprotein ( LDL or bad ) cholesterol levels by more than 10 per cent and decreases the risk of DNA damage caused by smoking, according to new research.
g. When having a tooth extracted, place a wet bag on the bleeding spot to stop bleeding. You can also put wet tea bags on your eye if it is swollen. This takes the swelling down in minutes.

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