Yoghurt: For Health, Life and Beauty

Yoghurt is believed to be an invention of the Bulgars from Central Asia. It still plays a major role in the Bulgarian diet. A study conducted by Russian scientist and biologist Illya Mechnikov in the 1900s found that the long average lifetime of the Bulgarians was due to the local yoghurt ( Lactus Bulgaricus ) being consumed in large quantities.
A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that the potential attributes of yoghurt include the ability to make the immune system more resillent. This increase in resistance is due, in part, to the live and active cultures found in yoghurt. Yoghurt may prevent HIV infections. Brown University scientists in the US have genetically modified bacteria found in yoghurt to release a drug that blocks the virus HIV. As of now tests have only been conducted in the university and the laboratory but trials on human will soon begin, in fact already begun.
Yoghurt is an excellent option for those who are Lactose intolerant and cannot consume other milk products.
Yoghurt associated with Beauty:
Natural beauty Expert, Suparna Trikha says: The beneficial enzymes in Yoghurt make excellent for clearing up combination and oily skin. Its cooling and hydrating properties help relieving in dry and parched skin.
Mix equal quantities of aloe vera gel and yoghurt. Use this as a face wash to cool sunburnt skin.
To banish blemishes, try this refreshing face mask: 2 cubes papaya’ 2 tsp. yoghurt, 2 tsp. fresh coriander leaves, 2 tsp. mint leaves and wheat flour to bind. Make a paste of these ingredients. Apply on for 10- 15 minutes to face and neck and gently scrub off when still slightly wet.
Yoghurt is also an excellent anti-dandruff agent. Apply the following hair mask twice a week: 5-6 tsp. fenugreek seeds, ground, 1 tsp. yoghurt. Apply all over roots and ends and shampoo afterwards. You will see results after a week.
Yoghurt is also an excellent food for the skin says Dr. Poonam Bali. She recommends these yoghurt based face packs.
If your skin is dry, use yoghurt made from full cream milk. For oily skin use skimmed milk yoghurt. Yoghurt also maintains the ph balance of your skin and hair. Rub yoghurt generously on your scalp. After a shampoo you will be rewarded with shine and bounce.
A study conducted on over 1,400 subjects with colon cancer in Los Angeles, USA, found yoghurt can decrease the risk of colon cancer. Yoghurt provides excellent and essential nutrients without calories. One cup of yoghurt provides roughly the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk and 50 g cheese. The calcium in yoghurt is considered as one of the most readily absorbed in the body. Research also indicates yoghurt lowers the incidences of coronary heart diseases and cancers.

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