Wrought Iron Doors

Iron is an element that is in earth. The iron is basically a chemical element. In chemistry its symbol is Fe and it is derived from Latin word called ferrum. The atomic number of the iron in chemistry is 26. On Planet earth it is the most common element that is to be found. There are basically two types of iron. The two types of iron are wrought iron and cast iron. If we see the wrought iron then we see that this iron is basically an alloy which has low carbon if we compare it with steel. The wrought iron is basically tough, ductile and it can be easily welded. The wrought iron is also malleable. The wrought iron has different shapes. Some of the shapes are rod iron, black plate iron, plate iron, voyage iron, bar iron, circular iron and many others.

The wrought iron also has many origins some of the origins are Luke’s iron, Forest iron, danks iron, Ames iron, amys iron, sable iron, Russian iron, Botolf iron, dankes iron, danker iron, ore grounds iron, charcoal iron and puddle iron. The wrought iron which is a form of iron also has qualities. The wrought iron has four qualities. The four qualities are Tough iron, Best iron, Blend iron and Marked bar iron. In tough iron which is also said tuff this iron is basically used for tools. Blend iron is basically made by mixing different irons. Best iron is the best wrought iron which is made after several stages. The marked bar iron is a wrought iron that is marked by the company that its quality is good. The second type of iron is cast iron. The cast iron is also called gray iron. It is made with different groups of alloys. The cast iron is brittle. The cast iron is used in cars, machines, automotive industry, cylinder heads that are used in engines, gear box that are used in cars, cylinder blocks, pipes that are used in sewerage system, pipes that are used to supply water, gear box cases which are in car, bridges, buildings, houses, airplanes, fire houses, trucks, wrench, rims, and many other things.

There are basically 4 types of cast irons. The four types of cast irons are white cast iron, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and malleable cast iron. The grey cast iron is grey. The grey iron has carbon, silicon and iron in it. The white cast iron has cement, low silicon, cermets, medium carbon steel in it. The malleable cast iron is made when the white cast iron is heated and melted at 900 Celsius or at 1650 Fahrenheit. In ductile cast iron magnesium and cerium is added in cast iron in little amounts. The iron doors are also made up of iron. The doors are either made from wrought iron or from cast iron. There are different designs for iron doors to choose from. Some of the designs are colletti design, premium design, forge iron design, fro design classical design, flower design, dynasty design, heaven design and many others.

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