Wool Carpet Cleaning Tips

May be the most quality carpets on the market are made of wool. They are expensive, but no doubt increase the beauty of your house greatly. For many people having a wool rug in their homes is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. However, if the oriental rugs are not properly maintained then they will lose their charm quickly, and even can get irreparably damaged. With regular carpet cleaning, your costly wool rugs can easily keep their beauty for generations ahead.
Vacuuming is the best thing you could do for your wool carpet. Do not wait for your carpet to start looking dirty, but vacuum it regularly at least once a week. However, even with frequent maintaining your rug will need professional cleaning, if you want to keep its beauty for longer time. It is advisable professional carpet cleaning to be conducted every year in order to ensure the good look of the carpet.
Wool is stain resistant, thanks to the natural oils containing into its fibers. However, it is not said that a wool carpet can’t get stained. It is important to take care of a spill immediately when it occurs. Otherwise, there is a risk of permanent damages. Use a rag or paper towel to absorb as much of the spillage as possible. Do not rub the stain, just leave it to soak into the rag. If you are not quite sure how it is right to be done, call Clapham cleaners. They would be glad to help you.
Once the spill has been absorbed, use proper carpet cleaning products for the left stain. If you don’t know what cleaners to use, just remember that oily stains can be removed with dry cleaning solvent whereas for non- oily stains, a mix of liquid detergent and water will do the work. However, the lack of knowledge can lead to irreparable damaged wool carpet. Avoid this by using professional carpet cleaning Clapham services. Clapham cleaners know exactly how to treat your wool carpet properly in order to achieve outstanding cleaning results.

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