Windows Phone Lacks Apps

Microsoft recently stated their intent to turn Windows Phone in one of the most preferred mobile operating systems on the market of telecommunication technologies and mobile device. Although this bold statement shows the Microsoft means business, there are hardly any signs to support that claim. The main advantage of other mobile operating systems comes from their highly customizable features which are utilized to the fullest extent with hundreds of thousands of apps available for these platforms.

Still, Microsoft desire is to create rich app database the same way as Apple and Android, and even Symbian created theirs.

If this is the case then there is a lot of work still to be done by the Windows Phone division of Microsoft. For now Windows Phone Market service offer scarcely few apps to the owners of Windows Phone smartphones. However, it was announced that in the first half of the 2012 the top 25 apps available for other operating systems are going to be introduced to the Windows Phone users as well. This release of the “top 25 mobile apps” combined with the major update of Windows Phone scheduled for the end of this year, is bound to attract a lot of new customers to the Microsoft product.

Despite the claims of Microsoft, there are yet to release one of their own, albeit from recently, hugely successful apps. Skype, the VoIP app which allows users to make free and cheap calls with other Skype users or landline or mobile numbers, still doesn’t have a version for Windows Phone. But Skype isn’t the only VoIP app users can use to call Greece on cheap, that doesn’t has its own version for Windows Phone. Fring, Nimbuzz, Viber, and many other mobile VoIP apps available for iPhone or Android or Symbian or RIM are still to be released for Windows Phone. And the sooner this becomes a fact the better for Microsoft and the long term feature of its mobile operating system.

The future success of Windows Phone depends very much on one thing and one thing only, which is a rich collection of apps available for download on smartphones running under this OS. The intergration of Skype, the mobile VoIP app that can be used to call Spain on cheap rates, as well as other popular apps may turn out to be the most important thing for the future of Windows Phone.

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