Window Ideas for Every Room

Properly spaced windows of the right type are an integral part of every home as they bring loads of natural sunlight and make the room welcoming and warm. There are a number of considerations to be taken into account when selecting the most appropriate windows for the particular room.

Firstly, weather and temperature, if you live in an area with clearly defined winter season, then chances are you will have to block out some low temperatures and icy winds so pick the most suitable type of glass. There are different versions of double glazed, even triple glazed windows available so give it some thought as these windows can save you lots of money in heating bills.

Another thing to consider when choosing windows is orientation and bearing of the property, meaning that certain rooms may require larger windows to allow for more sunlight in order to keep them bright and relatively warmer during winter. In other instances, the room might require smaller windows, in case harsh sunlight is troubling occupants during the summer. In this case, there is the option of placing the windows high near the ceiling or offset them in two different ends of the wall. Of course windows have to be a good looking and stylish part of the room interior, this is why special consideration should be taken when selecting the type of window as there are quite a few options available and some of them cost a pretty penny.


Traditional sash windows make up for the best view as they have very little or thin framing and allow for plenty of sunlight inside.

The leaded trio windows are ideal for traditional style homes, especially kitchens and dining rooms.

Floor to ceiling French doors are also great when you need plenty of light and space.

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