Wimbledon Tickets – Being Part of the Queue

You have a lot of work at home? You have to clean the house or look after the kids, whole day? Call cleaning London company and hire a nanny. Now is the season of the most prestigious tennis tournament. You cannot miss watching it. One of the most unique things about the Wimbledon Championship is the Queue. This is the area where people gather together to purchase tickets for the day. The Queue is designed to give you a life time experience while purchasing the best ticket.

To buy a ticket for such a Grand Slam is a difficult task. However, for the stubborn one who want to see their favourite tennis players, the only option is to line the Queue. Do not panic, when you see the thousands of visitors waiting to buy a ticket. The police and the people in charged with the event, they all create a very safe environment for queuing.

Everyone hates queuing for hours trying to buy a ticket, that is why Wimbledon tries to fix this and care the needs of the people in the Queue. Those who are going to camp need to bring lighting and toilets. Remember that you should not drink alcohol while queuing, everyone needs to be on their best and polite behaviour.

There will be only five hundred tickets for Centre Court, Courts Number One and Two. These types of tickets will be available every single day of the tournament. There are also more than five thousand ground admission tickets that will be available on every day of the Championship. The number of the tickets might be different every day, depending on the games played that day and the number of the people in the grounds.

It is important to queue a couple of hours before the matches start, some people even line up from the night before the event. After all, nobody wants to miss the best ticket at a reasonable price, that is why you need to go early and be between the first five hundreds. Take a tent or a sleeping bag, depending on how long you are planning to wait.

When you arrive, you will be given a Queue Card, it has your position in the queue and the date. This card is very useful, and helps to maintain the order in the queue.

The best advice is to be in quick before you miss out. Do not forget that you need to get back home as soon as possible if you have hired London cleaners or a nanny.

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