Wimbledon 2011 – an Unforgettable Experience

Welcome to Wimbledon. It is a small district in the London borough of Merton, where you can see some of the biggest houses built by wealthy families. The area once was a borough itself but in 1965 it took part in the creation of Greater London and became a district. During the centuries, Wimbledon has been transformed several times and what makes it popular today is the annual tennis tournament, which takes places in the two weeks when June ends and July begins.

The contest was started in 1877 and it is the main attraction in the district. If you want to visit it and to see at least small part of the whole event, you have to make a hotel reservation in advance. Several months before the tournament everything is almost full, so you’d better think about accommodation earlier.

The tournament consists of several groups of events. The main events are five, the junior ones are four and the there are also five invitation events, which include only pairs. The total number of the players is 128 singles, 48 mixed pairs and 64 single-sex pairs. They are usually chosen by the Committee of Management and the Referee and there are wild cards – players whose participation would be interesting for the audience.

Except the tournament you can also see the Wimbledon museum, which is open only for the visitors who have tickets for the game. But this is during these two weeks when the contest occurs and during the rest of the time, the museum is open for everyone. It has a library, too, but it is available only if you have an appointment and it is the largest library offering all kind of information about the tennis.

And finally, when you rent an apartment you have to think about the Wimbledon cleaners you are going to hire. It doesn’t matter if you stay in a house or a flat. When you leave the hotel, there are services which will take care of the mess you left. But if you choose a house, for an example, this task is your job and you have to call cleaners Wimbledon.

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