Why You Should Always Remember To Smile At All Costs?

We have all heard about people dying of a broken heart. A number of researches over the years seem to suggest that, like stress, grief and marital strife could be a cause for heart trouble in the same way obesity and cholesterol are.

Love, happiness and other positive emotions help us keep in check negative emotions which can harm us, so perhaps there is truly something to be said about the idea that smiling and being happy is defence mechanism that kicks in during prolonged stressful or sad situations.

How many times have you had one of those days that has turned out so awful you have just had to laugh about it? How many times you have gone to see a soppy romantic with your partner that’s turned out so dramatic you’ve ended up cracking jokes and laughing for reasons you wouldn’t admit to. Often people living in abject poverty, war zones or in parts of the world with high mortality rate tend to be the most smiley people in the world for those very reasons.
A recent poll suggested that Nigeria is the happiest place on earth. I have been to Nigeria and it is true. They are incredibly positive and happy people despite the lack of security, political uncertainties and the never-ending economic hardship. To smile seems to be a part of their make-up.

In a 53-country Gallup poll, Britain scored a pessimistic 44 whilst Nigeria scored 70. The message is clear, we need to get out there and enjoy ourselves more as Britons.. Be it booking for a more sedate holiday with UK Golf Hotel or something more exciting with Blackpool Pleasure Beach Hotels deals, grabbing as much of the sunshine you can this summer, or simply relaxing in a UK Golf Hotel, just make sure you find ways to keep you smiling…

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