Why Cleaners Have Got It Good

I used to work as a cleaner, and let me tell you, it’s not so bad, primarily because of the fact that you can do so much scavenging as you go along. I used to find money, clothes, jewellery, as well as loads of trinkets and collectibles that might one day be worth something on the Antique’s Road Show. I’m not just talking about pennies down the back of the sofa and reclaimed furniture from skips. I’m talking about rolls of fifties inside shoe-boxes and Armani suits hidden beneath dust sheets.
On top of this, the work is so mindless that its easy to let your mind drift to any subject that you might want to think about, and you can ponder it undisturbed because one can clean without thinking. This means you can be remembering your favourite childhood memories like that first kiss behind the bike shed at school or the first goal you scored for your eleven a-side football team, or you can be planning the future like the plot of your first novel or where in the world you are going to travel when you’ve saved enough money hoovering and polishing.
Or you can go in the opposite direction and completely focus your attention on the menial task at hand. This means that you are essentially meditating because the task takes no mental energy at all, meaning you focus all of your attention on the simplicity of your senses and your breathing. You can locate a peaceful sense of being in the beauty of the now and not worry about anything that has happened in the past or anything that might happen in the future because your attention is fully focused on the simple task in the present which is essentially mindless.
So next time you see a cleaner sweeping the road, wiping windows or emptying a skip, don’t feel sorry for them. If working in Islington cleaners then they will probably make a pretty packet finding money and other valuables, and if they are carrying out janitorial services then they are most likely meditating as they complete the menial tasks involved in the job.

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