Why Being A Cleaner Isn’t So Bad

Being a domestic cleaner isn’t nearly as bad as people often assume. You can work anywhere in the world, and even as you are working, cleaning with your body, your mind can be thinking about whatever it chooses. This essentially means that a cleaner can be twice as productive as someone who’s employment takes mental energy, because as they hoover carpets or polish windows they can allow their minds to wander. They can delve back into the treasure chest of memories or they can be planning their futures. It is thought of as a rubbish job because it is poorly paid and anyone can do it, but then cleaners can be planning how to make money in the future with their minds even as they are making money in the present, so really it’s a win-win situation.
Or if they don’t want to be thinking about the past or the future for whatever reason, they can be practising the art of meditation through work that provides a clarity of thought and peace of mind which is hugely beneficial for their mental well-being. By focusing their full attention on the menial task at hand, such as sweeping floors or making beds, they can still the rush of thoughts flowing through their consciousness. Because the tasks take no mental energy, if the cleaner can completely focus their attention on said task, they are essentially meditating. The huge benefits of meditation are well documented. It means one will live longer, will generally be happier and more at ease with the world, and can also lead to heightened sensual awareness.
If you are a domestic cleaning Frankston is a good place to be one because there is a dearth of competition so you should never not have work. If you work in home cleaning Sydney is a great place to do this because Australians are stereotypically allergic to house work. And if you are cleaner in either of these places, make sure that you remember the advantages that your job offers. Even as you are making money with your body, your mind is free.

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