Why and Where You Need Baby Safety Gates

Baby proofing your home looks at making the various rooms safe for the little children. Once babies start crawling, their movement should always be supervised to prevent them from harming themselves or destroying different items in the home.

Baby safety gates are one of the most innovative baby proofing products in the market. As a parent or nanny you will realize that you cannot always have your eyes on the child. The gates keep babies confined to safe areas so that you can carry out other chores in the area.

One principal use of baby safety gates has to be the staircase area. We can employ this baby-proofing equipment at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent falls. While the baby and you are in a room without a door the gate will help you keep the child contained in that room. Baby gates are more importantly employed to restrict the baby’s movement to the kitchen and also the fireplace. Another application is where the baby needs to be separated from any indoor pets that you may have around.

It’s not just the crawling child that requires movement restriction; in fact, any child from six months to three years requires a baby gate for their safety and your peace of mind. The market has several types of child gates and they come in different sizes and constructed from different materials. The most common types of this baby-proofing device are the solid mounted and pressure mounted ones. Another type is the portable variety that travels to wherever the baby requires restriction. Most of the solid type baby safety gates require drilling holes into the walls for them to maximize baby security. The pressure mounted type works by pressurizing itself against two walls or a doorframe. Pressure mounted gates are NOT suitable for the top of stairs.

Finally, as mentioned, baby proofing stores have these baby gates in different sizes, as well as adjustable sizes. Parents are advised to obtain baby safety gates that fit closely. A loose-fitting gate will make it wobbly and easy to topple over – essentially an accident waiting to happen. It is also better to opt for a single gate instead of placing two side by side to fill the given area to be barricaded. The gates should be at least three-quarters the height of the baby and the bars no more than two and a half inches apart. Get a gate with childproof latches and which is easy for an adult to open or close.

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