Which Are The Best Ways to Prepay International Calls?

There are many people that are willing to make cheap calls to Australia, Africa, Europe, North or Latin America for different reasons. In order to call Australia, for example, one should first register with prepaid low calling rates at the website of a company providing international calling services. Prepaid services are numerous and allow users to make international calls. The accounts are easily recharged.

The most convenient and money saving feature of the prepaid calling services is the opportunity to keep an eye on the amount of money you have spend or you have saved while talking on the phone. It is possible to make payments with cash in many outlets all over Australia. It allows topping-up a lot of preliminary paid calling services. Following are some of the popular outlets:

1) Payments made through the provider’s website. A lot of prepaid phone services offer the ability to top-up service online.

2) E-pay option resembles the Payzone one. International calling services can be paid in advance at the numerous E-pay locations all over Australia.

3) Payzone option resembles E-pay and has many conveniently located outlets in newsagents and small shops. The company’s logo is pink and blue. Payzone is pretty easy way to top-up and make cheap calls.

4) Top-Up Voucher which could be bought and used for making prepaid calling services. They are usually kept at hand in cases when you run low on calling credit. Each voucher has a unique PIN code. It is entered into the cell phone to restore the call credit.

5) Payments with debit and credit cards. There is one popular way to pay via cards. It is done by using the PayPal online payment system. It is used for transactions – sending or getting money, for buying goods in online stores and the least but not the last – for topping-up your prepaid calling service. Paypal allows transfer of funds and payments of services online.

6) The last possible way to pay for the calls in advance is by making payments via Phone. One pays for the international calls via phone to call Australia and the rest of the world cheaply.

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