Where To Watch Your Next Match

Sports is a wonderful on the big screen. It is the closest you can get to watching a match live, but it does take up a lot of vital time if you live and work in London and want to keep up with your local team.

I am a Arsenal supporter. I am not a season ticket holder, so I always try to watch the key games in pubs. Watching big matches on the big screen in my local, the Lion can be a fantastic experience, especially if we are playing against our closest bitter rivals Tottenham and the balls are just rolling into the net in the right direction.

Mind you that has not happened for a while. Our games recently have yielded big scores, with the ball usually rolling into both nets at alarming rates. The atmosphere is always electrifying. People crowd at the bar trying to buy pints whilst peering over each other to catch a glimpse of what is going on. The banter from both sides is generally pretty jovial and peppered with hilarious chants or songs – most of which I don’t fully understand, given that I am from the Ivory Coast. One thing which does nibble at my nerves though, is when people start swearing. No one should ever have to put up with that kind of behaviour, especially women and children. Its aggressive, unnecessary and negative. Once your team is on that pitch, nothing you blurt out at the TV is going to change their performance and the outcome of the match. It’s bad enough watching your team losing without some idiot ranting on in unspeakable language about it.

If you are a mild-mannered supporter, or a gentle man, if you prefer, then your best bet, I have recently discovered is Hotel bars. The last time I booked a holiday with Spa Breaks in Scotland I had a wonderful time watching sports. Spa Breaks in Scotland offer great summer deals.

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