What You Should Know about Wood Chippers

Whether you own a home, ranch, a farm, or a business that is involved with clearing wood, you need a quality wood chipper. Wood chippers are designed to take in branches and other scraps of wood and produce wood chips. The wood chips can then be sold for use as mulch, or they can simply be hauled away. Whatever you are using the wood chipper for, you should be aware of some of the key features of wood chippers so that you are able to make an informed decision about your purchase.

The most important feature of a wood chipper is the blade. Manufacturers make these blades in different configurations and they also use different materials. The best wood chipper blades are made from heat treated steel for highest durability. Additionally, the blades do tend to wear out over time, so look for a model that makes the blade easy to replace. A quality manufacturer will also keep replacement blades on hand, allowing you to get back to work quickly.

Another important feature of a wood chipper is how easy it is to hitch to a tractor. Some wood chippers are hard to hitch and need two people to get the task accomplished. Look for a model that has a quick hitch that can be operated by one person working alone.

Some wood chippers need the operator to manually push the wood into the unit. This is difficult and labor intensive. Select a model that has infeed rollers that grip the wood and aid feeding the wood into the chipper. The infeed rollers should be strong enough to grab even larger branches with ease.

The height of the base legs is another consideration. Some models have fixed base legs that cannot be adjusted. Still, if you need to change the height, look for a model that has adjustable base legs for ease of use.

At last, the wood chipper should come equipped with a robust warranty. A warranty can help you replace or repair your machine and get back to work quickly and cheaply when it counts the most.

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