What you may want to know about Applications 11i Ebusiness Extension

Oracle ebusiness workbench software is a product under Oracle applications 11i. It is also part of the Oracle Apps framework and which is meant to ensure customers experience the same look and feel no matter what Oracle suite they buy. This ebusiness extension has brought ecommerce businesses owners’ better control over their operations in a variety of ways. One of the reasons why people opt for this application is because it is based on the renowned Oracle database and users are guaranteed of arguably the best in database technology. Some of the applications among the several which this suite offers and that have made headlines in the market include the Oracle Payroll, Oracle HRMS, and the more popular Oracle Financial.

Applications 11i provide users with two user interfaces i.e. the Oracle Self Service Application which is the HTML version, and the Oracle Forms. The latter interface is mostly employed by experienced users and it also supports quick learning for people with experience in Fox pro and dbase forms. The former ebusiness extension interface specifically caters for organizations with a worldwide presence and whose operations heavily rely on the web. This suite boasts of adequate security courtesy of Oracle Database Security systems which are also widely recognized and appreciated the world over.

Businesses often find themselves looking for a software suite that will cater say for finance aspects and they thus go for the best the market has to offer. Soon after implementation they discover they need to computerize say their inventory records. In the long run this becomes too expensive and such is what Applications 11i sought to address. With the ebusiness extension of Oracle workbench systems we have at our disposal several business processes applications which work integrally in a modular approach but at a much lesser cost.

Oracle ebusiness extension is a very scalable software platform and which readily accepts new technology and legal standards that are constantly developed as time goes by. If there is a company renowned for supporting its products then surely it has to be Oracle; theirs are easy to install applications which are further easily customizable to suit one’s business needs.

Similar to other software suites which are developed and enhanced on a regular basis, Oracle Application 11i has a well able successor, the E-Business Suite R12. This Ebusiness extension came into being in November 2010 and subsequently Oracle offered an extended three-year support for the R11i. Come November 2011 the cost for this premier support will be raised by 20%. Luckily, businesses operating under the R11i still have several private firms which can help them meet their business objectives with these remarkable Oracle technologies.

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