What Procedures are Used in Periodontal Treatments?

Periodontists perform a variety of treatments that are related to gum health. Some of these treatments are designed to remedy periodontal disease, whereas others are more cosmetic or general in nature.

The majority of the work that periodontists offer is related to curing or fixing the effects of gum disease. as the American Academy of Periodontology advocates the use of non-surgical procedures as the first course of treatment, most periodontists start treatment with non-surgical procedures. Scaling and root planing is one common procedure that, when used in combination with medications such as antibiotics, can be very effective in eliminating periodontal disease. This procedure involves scraping the root of the tooth underneath the gums to eliminate tartar and plaque that have accumulated on these surfaces. Pocket reduction is another typical treatment. This procedure reduces the size of the pockets underneath the tooth, which can collect bacteria and help them to flourish.

If too much damage has been done by the gum disease to be remedied by non-surgical treatments alone, the periodontist may then choose to recommend surgical remedies. Some periodontists offer gum and bone grafts to replace tissue and bone lost to gum disease, for example.

Many periodontists place or repair dental implants, and a select few can do both. Dental implants consist of special metal rods or plates that are placed directly in the jaw bone, or under the gums on top of the bone. When the bone or gums has healed, the periodontist then caps the dental implant with a dental crown. The crown is designed in a dental laboratory to look and feel just like the patient’s missing tooth. As a result, the artificial tooth is practically indistinguishable from the patient’s natural teeth. In other cases, the dental implant may be used to anchor a dental bridge, holding it in place.

Finally, many periodontists offer the crown lengthening procedure to correct gummy smiles. Gummy smiles occur when the gums appear out of proportion with the teeth, causing a larger than usual expanse of gum line to be visible when the patient smiles or talks. The crown lengthening procedure corrects this imbalance, restoring balance to the patient’s smile.

Many periodontists offer a wide variety of treatments, whereas others offer only a few, so it is necessary to check your periodontist’s website or call their office to find out which services they offer. Many periodontists are glad to provide you with before and after photos and testimonials from satisfied patients to give you peace of mind about their level of skill and ability to perform the procedure you need.

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