What Makes a Good Commercial Printer

Commercial printers are everywhere but the professional ones may be a bit more difficult to find specially if some printers pretend to be professionals but really aren’t.  When you start your commercial printing process, make sure you closely look at the commercial printer you will be choosing.  A good way to find the right one for you is to have a list of qualities you would like to see in your printer.  To help you with the list, here are some of the qualities you may want to consider:

1. Has a good standard of what a good design must be
If they can clearly define what a design should be before and after printing, then that is a definite sign of a good printer.  Having a certain standard that they will follow can definitely show you that your printer is professional and believes in good quality.

2. Informs the clients if they can not meet the printing requirements, before the any agreement is signed to start.
Your printers should always be truthful to you and to themselves.  They should know when they shouldn’t accept a particular print job because of certain things like lack of man-power, too much print jobs pending, print volume requirement and print output deadline.

3. Assists with the design creation
Most of the clients of commercial printers are new to the printing process and so designing for them could be as foreign as an alien.  If they can make their client’s life easier by assisting in the design process then that is a good sign of a good printer.

4. Helps you understand Color Models or anything color related
Color models are hard to match if you used RGB, a particular color model that printers do not use.  So it is important that printers reiterate how to get the right color model.

5. Is not choosy or too specific with their file formats that clients are having trouble meeting up to it.
If they can open all the file type the better and easier for you.

6. Informs clients of their design file submission process and the importance of following it.
Most of the printers are very particular with their file types and the other important files imbedded on it, or crop marks placements and color model used.

7. Shares possible programs  you can use to create your design
If you are a bit stingy and prefer to create the design yourself, your printers should at least tell you what programs are more advisable for a novice.

8. Creates quality prints all the time
This is something you check with old clients which you will either see in their office or over the net.  Remember that quality should be perfect from paper to ink to binding to delivery.

9. Gives quotations that are very reasonable, competitive and flexible
There are so many commercial printers everywhere, if they are not competitive, leave them because there will be other printers who are as good as they are and are willing to give you a more reasonable price for your prints.

10. Share knowledge on the printing process when it is the first time for their clients
Printers should always help you with the process whichever part it is,  they should never leave you hanging and wondering what to do next.

Try to arm yourself with a little knowledge before you try looking for your commercial printer, this way you can easily tell which ones are bluffing or which ones have really great commercial printing packages and customer service.

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