What is the Situation in India?

In the past, when India was less developed, the differences between the people were easily distinguishable. The whole society system was build on the basic idea that the people are not born with the same rights. They were different from the day they were born and they staid this way till the day they died. However, in a modern country, what India want to become, this is not possible. The rights of each single person should be respected. This automatically means that the cast system should be forbidden and more democratic measurements should be introduced to the society.

So, what is good and what is not in India?

Well, we all know that India has one of the richest people that live on the planet. Some of them live in houses and mentions that cost over 100 million dollars. They are big industrialists that own factories and companies and they make very good money. However, their way of life contrast with the poorness and the misery, which many others experience. If you only call India and talk with someone that lives there, you will get the same information. These people’s life is determined by the system and they can do nothing about it.

So, can something like change, really happen? According to me yes. If the people stand for their rights, if they want that very strong and fight for it. Of course, this won’t happen fast, easy or with a magic wand, but as we know there is nothing impossible and because of that this is possible too.

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