What is Expanded Polystyrene?

Expanded polystyrene is a form of plastic, which has numerous features owing to its structure. This is a light weight and a good insulator of heat and sound. It is widely used in building material as a design element and even moulded into various shapes for domestic uses. Expanded polystyrene is white foam made by the chemicals benzene and ethylene which in turn produce styrene. This product is further treated with different chemicals which result in grouping the former. This reaction after sometime is stopped to let the beads to cool for cleaning. Expanded polystyrene is made without the use of CFCs which are harmful for the environment. This feature makes this foam environment friendly. This foam is also advantageous as is used in making the disposable cups which makes them extremely inexpensive. Manufacturing this type of polystyrene also requires less energy as compared to other polystyrene foams. Also, this foam has enough potential to create lesser waste as compared to paper. Another advantage of polystyrene foam is that it does not have the feature of biodegrading. Although it can be a disadvantage for many but then the fact is that its chemically inert composition makes it a stable fill material. This further helps in the safety landfill reclamation for schools, parks, golf courses and other public utilization. The expanded polystyrene also known as EPS when used for either packaging or as an insulator provides you light weight and versatility. This energy efficient, sanitary and cost effective material can be used for your daily domestic and office consumption. This is foamed polystyrene which is manufactured by expanding the polystyrene beads with the help of pressure and stream, after which they are compiled in to blocks and other shapes. This foam is also used in coolers, moulded end caps, wine sippers, corners and box packaging marshmallows. Made up of 90%-90% polystyrene and 5%-10% gaseous agents or carbon dioxide this material has become popular in the shipping market considering its flexibility and light weight. This rigid form of polystyrene has good thermal insulation and shock absorbing properties along with a high compressive strength and resistance to moisture. These advantages bring it to a wide use in packaging and construction industries. Food items such as meat, eggs, poultry and fish are best when packed with expanded polystyrene as this is also used for making carry out containers and vending cups. The shock absorbing feature of expanded polystyrene is further suitable for the packaging of fragile electronic commodities. Styrotech is a leading expanded polystyrene and foam supplier offering packaging and display solutions including polystyrene letters, shapes, sheets, insulation, logos and much more. Expanded Polystyrene For more visit here http://polystyreneps.com/

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