Weight gainer supplements for women – which is the best?

As unusual as it may seem, while millions of women are desperately looking to lose weight, there are others who are in struggling to add weight and not just for bodybuilding or weightlifting purposes. Some women are underweight as a result of sicknesses or the furor that saw young women want thinner bodies in an effort to emulate superstars and musicians. For all these and many more reasons, there are millions of weight gainer supplements in the market which can be used to expedite weight gain. Further, ladies are looking for weight gainer for women products that will ensure the weight they put on is not fat but lean body mass so as to have a healthy immune system, be full of energy, and also look attractive.

As you can imagine, looking for the right weight gainer for women supplements is not easy; plenty of research is necessary to not only end up with a product that adds muscle weight and packs the body with beneficial nutrients, and which is still affordable. The weight gainer supplements ladies go for should therefore be rich in proteins and vitamins, fatty acids, healthy carbohydrates, and have trace or zero fats. Of course, to ensure that they gain healthy weight, ladies must be prepared to have frequent exercise sessions otherwise the body will metabolize the proteins and convert them to fat.

To minimize the chance of putting on fat instead of muscle weight we need slow-acting proteins. These sustained release proteins encourage the development of lean muscle all day long. The fatty acids are essential for stimulating the burning of fat to increase muscle mass. This then compels us to consider the different types of protein used for weight gainer supplements. The forms of proteins commonly used include eggs, soy, meat including chicken, fish and beef, and milk products like yoghurt, cheese and whey. So far, the best form of protein used in weight gainer for women products is whey protein and indeed the isolated type.

Isolated whey is better than concentrate whey because the latter contains fats and lactose. Lactose is responsible for bloating and gas issues in many women. When shopping for weight gainer supplements for women containing whey isolate always check the label to see the percentage of protein; high percentages of around 91 and 93% indicate high quality whey protein isolate. Weight gainer for women supplements should also contain creatine, an amino acid not found in proteins but which improves the strength and size of the muscles. It boosts the supply of energy in diets low in fat. These supplements are generally available as capsules, tablets and powders. Powders are preferred and recommended because they are easy to consume and can be mixed with milk, water or juice.

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