Weight gainer powder products – what you should know

For whatever reason one would want to gain weight, it is important to build muscles rather than accumulate fat. This way one will be healthier, stronger, more energetic, and also good looking. We should realize that weight gainer products need to have calories for energy supply purposes. These however should not be just any type of calories as we can readily obtain them from sugars but which will lead to fat accumulation. Instead, the calories in our weight gainer powder supplements should be from high quality proteins and carbohydrates.

Today whey is considered the best form of protein for supplements. With a whey-based weight gainer powder we get access to about 670 high quality calories that should be able to assist us put on more than a pound of muscle mass in a week. The essence of taking adequate and healthy meals should not be overlooked simply because we are on a weight gainer products regimen. Our meals should contain enough calories to help us perform day to day tasks otherwise the body will dig into the muscles formed when the body runs out of energy. The calories that accompany the weight gainer supplements should further be the slow burning type so as to limit their conversion to fat.

Our weight gainer products need to contain around fifty grams of whey protein and fatty acids. If you can locate a weight gainer powder which contains creatine, the better. This is because creatine is a natural muscle builder but which is found in minute quantities in our meals. The essence of weight gainer supplements is to supply the nutrients that lack in our meals and therefore they should not be used as meal replacers. To grow muscles we need plenty of protein and this means we need bigger food rations. Eating large rations is however not ideal as they take time to digest and eating like this can also be boring and expensive.

Weight gainer powder can be used as an ingredient when preparing food but it is better consumed when mixed with water, milk or juice. To that effect the market has these products in a variety of great flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, cranberry, and so forth. This makes it pretty easy to consume these supplements. Supplements can be used as meal replacements only when it is absolutely impossible or impracticable to take a meal. Weight gainer products are also consumed prior to and after workouts. When used before workouts they promote energy for the session and after the workout they help in muscle repair and building as well as replacing the energy lost. Weight gainers produce greater results when taken in small portions throughout the day instead of whole portions in a single shot.

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