Ways to Improve Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning can be somewhat ineffective if not done without following some general rules. These simple, yet effective steps will maximise the effect of your vacuum cleaning and will grant you a healthier place to live.

Before proceeding to vacuum a certain area, use a non abrasive wash cloth or feather duster to give the area a thorough dusting. This way, any dust that finds its way onto the floor will promptly be sucked up by your vacuum cleaner. When performing this step, pay special attention to electronic devices and the tops of shelves. Many people wind up having to vacuum more than they need to as a result of infrequent dusting.

Moving your furniture is another great way to improve your vacuum cleaning. Before proceeding to vacuum a certain room, make sure to move any chairs, sofas or bookshelves several feet away from the wall, thus enabling you to vacuum the areas underneath and behind the aforementioned pieces of furniture. People tend to neglect these particular areas when vacuum cleaning and, as a result, wind up with large dust deposits of which they’re completely unaware.

Many vacuum cleaners are equipped with settings that conform to certain types of flooring. The professional London cleaners advise to not use the same setting for every surface. Consult your vacuum cleaner’s owner’s manual to determine the proper settings for carpeted areas, wood floors, etc. Using the improper setting on a certain floor will result in the surface not being cleaned as accurately as it could be.

London cleaning companies offer vacuum cleaning for homes and offices among the multitude of services in their list.

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