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Tiles, dating 4000 years back, is a hard-wearing material mostly used for construction is one of the earliest discoveries ever to be made which is both used for incredible decoration and construction. Tiles, often used to cover the floor and walls, can be found throughout the historical buildings, mostly in India during the Mughal regime, tiles were used for purpose of decoration in palaces and pools. Where as in Spain got inspired through the Mughals and started making tiles. It wasn’t until the 17th century when the United Dutch East India Company, exported blue and white Chinese porcelain – thus creating tiles. The demand for tiles substantially increased in the earlier days as they were used increasingly to decorate, mosques, churches, palaces and other places of significance. The making of tiles was simple, consisting mostly of porcelain, clay or ceramic with hard glaze but as the world advance other items such as glass, metal cork and stones were increasingly used.

As different materials were used, different times of tiles began to form and soon the variety increased. Ceramic tiles are the oldest and available for both floor and walls. Whereas the porcelain tiles are water repellent and impervious to frost, they can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. Not to mention the stone tiles used increasingly in medieval times and can be found in Wales. On the other hand the Natural stone tiles are a product of a number of materials, ranging from stones, granite, limestone, marble and other stones thus making them highly stunning and impressive for usage of decoration. The Taj – Mahal in India itself uses sufficient amount of Marble tiles. And lastly, Mosaic tiles, differ. They can be found in stone, clay and ceramic and other materials such as steel. Mosaic tiles are mostly used for creating stunning decorative pieces.

In our today’s highly developing and changing society the need for handmade tiles or simple tiles has decreased immensely, thanks to the creation on wall papers and other products such as technical paint work on walls. People, play little regard to tile work now and shift more towards wall papers as they can be found in assorted colors designs and shapes. These wall papers are far cheaper than tiles, thus making it far more approachable in today’s expensive world. This has evidentially affected the tile work business; an obvious decrease in demand of tile work has caused those who make tiles face a dilemma of their own. Many universities, collages and art school teach how to work on tiles and very much encourage students to make hand painted designs and scenarios on tiles. However, the decrease in demand can make the historical wok of tile making face the problem of getting lost in history due to obvious disregard. Our today’s world which very much appreciates historical buildings may end up loosing the art of tile making somewhere in the future.

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