Using Salt as a Cleaning Detergent for Red Wine Stains

During the winter holidays people usually make parties and gatherings a lot. During the celebrations people tend to eat a lot so they always gain a couple of pounds. In most cases you can spot the difference especially when you go to visit your grandparents.

But on Christmas eve we were home with a couple of friends and celebrated together. A couple of families gathering together sharing food it was really nice dinner. Spending time with another couples is always nice because we share a lot in common and can relate in the conversation. Our interests are similar so for example when we play some games we always know what to do usually.

Of course sometimes you can ruin your evening but those occasions are very rare. The small party goes good usually because you drink loosen your tongue a little bit start talking about you and your partner of course embarrass him or her a little which is normal and can’t be considered bad. But there are things that can ruin the evening especially if you are hosting this party. Let’s take for example a red wine stain on the carpet. Many professional cleaners Plumstead say that this can be very upsetting but it is not impossible to remove. Imagine a big red stain on your favourite carpet. How would you feel?

Certainly this can upset you but as you know to every problem there is a solution. Those professional cleaners Plumstead that I mentioned usually won’t leave you hanging. They always leave a couple of tips how to deal with those devastating red wine stains. Have you ever considered the possibility of salt as a cleaning detergent? I bet you didn’t if you sprinkle salt on the wet stain it absorbs most of that thick red substance and then all you have to to do is to scrape the excess off. The rest you can clean with a mild washing detergent and lukewarm water. Don’t forget you can always call the professional cleaners to your aid if you fail to remove the wine, they will remove it for you if you can’t. But after that the carpet should be clean just let it air dry before you step on it again.

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