Using a water filter is the best way to obtain pure, safe, refreshing and healthy filtered water

Only Water borne diseases cause more then 2 million causalities per year, mainly by diarrheal disease. Most of the burden is on developing or underdeveloped countries. Most likely causes of any water borne diseases is unsafe water supply, improper sanitation and hygiene and kids below 8 years of age suffer the most. Improper sanitation of water is responsible for a other major disease caused by mosquitoes as they use fresh stored water to lay their eggs therefore it is very important to understand the need of safe operations when it comes to potable water.

Such diseases not only impact human health but significantly impacts any nation’s economy too. Waterborne diseases can cause related financial costs to the victims and are often not that much expensive and include cost of treatment and medicine, transportation cost, special food cost and loss of man power too. In developing countries and in rural countries people even loose their assets in treating water borne diseases. On an average every family spends around 10 percent of total monthly income on the cure of water borne diseases.

There are many ways to get safe water whether it is home water or water office like, manual filtering, boiling and using a water filter. Manual filtering is a process by which clean water is obtained. Often various filtering interfaces are used in order to get pure water office but this method of water filtering is only traditional one and medical purity of water can not be ensured with this procedure. Boiling is a good solution for water filtering and is widely used in rural areas till now. Boiling can kill almost any bacteria present in the water but is not able to separate dissolved minerals and other harmful chemicals and moreover it is not useful to get large quantity of water and water may take a long time to get cold and to be used for final consumption. Using a water filter can be considered to be the best way to obtain fresh water for home or for water office.

Before buying any water filter checking your local water supply is very important as different geographic locations may have different types of impurities and every water filter can not remove all types of impurities dissolved in the water. For example collect a little amount of water from the local supply or the source you are using and check it for the impurities like sand, industrial waste, micro organism and other types of contamination. After checking for all the impurities you will find that a particular impurity is in excess and that is the primary objective for removal. Ask your water filter provider that whether they have any dedicated water filter to remove that particular contamination. Often a combination of two or more water filters is used in order to get pure and safe filtered water.

Most of the water filters come with a capacity and beyond that capacity there is a need to change the water filter. Biggest mistake in many offices is to not using a new and working water filter. If water filter is running beyond the capacity then the quality of filtered water can not be ensured. Water coolers with bottled water supply do not need to have any water filter as water bottle used in such coolers contains already filtered water.

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