Useful Real Estate Tips For O’Twelve

To buy or sell is the eternal question rocking the world of real estate owners, brokers and agents especially now with the projected ‘end of the world’ events for the winter of twenty twelve. Regardless of whether or not you do your real estate shopping in accordance to the Mayan calendar or your gut feeling, there are some useful tips you may find handy for buying or selling real estate in two thousand twelve.

Number one tip for those selling – ask the right price, don’t ask silly money and wait out for the best offer as this is a sure way to have your listing pinned to the board for months to come as most homebuyers will brush this off and move on to the next best offer and take advantage of it. On the same note, you need to sell a good-looking, clean house, not a dumpy shed so if the place is looking a bit tired, call in a team of domestic cleaners in Mile End and have them freshen up the joint. They are skilled and experienced in all types of house cleaning Victoria Park residents find them to be reliable and affordable.

Number two tip – freshen up the entire property, besides the immaculate cleaning and hygiene, manicure the lawns and yards, fix up damages and do those long-delayed repairs. This, along with some well designed, well printed media advertising the property should generate a healthy amount of interest in homebuyers in the area at least.

Number three tip – be extremely flexible, negotiate terms with the potential buyers and don’t be afraid to offer them some goodies on top, you want the house to go fast and this is one way to get it done. Stay away from agents offering deals too sweet to be true, con artists and fraudsters are the last thing you need right now. It is also a good idea to choose a listing agent that’s good with online advertising and mobile platforms as buyers and other agents regularly use social networking sites and other online sources to acquire properties and clients.

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