Use Household Products to Clean Your Carpet

Commercial carpet cleaners might be a money waste, as their cleaning effectiveness can easily be achieved with a good, inexpensive homemade all-purpose carpet cleaner. The chemicals that different store-bought carpet cleaners contain, might be another reason to prefer using your own cleaning solution. Here are some tips how to make an all-purpose carpet cleaner with products you probably already have in your home.

  1. Make a mixture of 1 gallon of warm water and ¼ cup of mild liquid dish detergent. Use a detergent that doesn’t contain alkaline or bleach to prevent lightening of your carpet. It is advisable to use a wool-care detergent instead of mild detergent if your carpet is made of wool.
  2. Mix the solution thoroughly, and apply a few drops of it to a hidden area of the carpet, such behind a sofa or a wardrobe, to make sure it won’t cause fading. This step is recommended by all professionals, including carpet cleaning Parsons Green, and it is not advisable to skip it.
  3. You can apply the solution to the desired area either by a spray bottle or sponge. When using a sponge, wring lightly to remove the excess liquid, then dab at the area. Be careful not to oversaturate the area.
  4. Scrub the solution into the carpet fibers using a meduim-bristle brush. For stubborn stains, use a toothbrush by applying a little more pressure when scrubbing. Always scrub stains from outside to inside to prevent spreading of the stain.
  5. Pour a plain water into a bowl and dip a clean sponge in the water. Squeeze out the excess water and blot at the worked area to remove any remaining solution. Keep rinsing until no soap comes off onto the sponge, as advised by carpet cleaning Parsons Green.
  6. Use a white, clean, line- free towel to blot the area dry.
  7. Let the carpet dry completely, then fluff its pile using a stiff-bristle brush.

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