Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Having a clean home is something many want to achieve but with the life schedule we have, with all the obligations and the problems the modern life delivers it is pretty hard to be as good as the society expects you to be. So, in order to safe time and to increase the life of our furniture, it would be better if we clean them more often and with less harsh cleaning detergents. This will make the cleaning procedure last shorter and therefore we will have more time for other home and family things.

Here are some tips used by professional cleaning services London companies on how to clean your chairs and upholstery.

The first thing is to try to remove any dust and dirt which is on the fabric or at least to try to loosen it up. This is not hard and you only need to have a simple brush. If you do not have such, simply use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. This will make the dirt easier to remove.
Continue with vacuumming the fabric. Try to remove as much of the soil as possible from all sides of the furniture – back, arms, sides etc.
Mix a cleaning solution of your own mixing laundry detergent or dish washing cleaner with water. Mix this well and when it makes enough foam, apply some of it on a sponge and clean the whole area.
TIP : do not put all your eggs in the same basket by cleaning the upholstery directly but test it first on some hidden area and only when you are sure that it cannot do any harm at all, continue with the procedure. This way you will be sure that you will not harm your furniture.

Rinse well with plain water and let the chair to dry overnight. This will prevent black mould appearance and bad smells.

However, if you find this hard r you simply do not have the time to clean on your own, hire professional cleaning services company to help you. These are easy to find and offer good quality on reasonable price.

So, today despite the complicity of the modern world it is still easy to have a nice looking home.

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