Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

The tags on our upholstery often say that you cannot use some sort of cleaning method or that a concrete detergent can damage the structure of the carpet you are cleaning. So, can you still clean your upholstery a bit different from what the manufacturer had subscribed and still be sure that at the end you will have a nice, clean and very importantly, not damaged one?

The professional cleaners Grays Inn know how to deal with this sort of situation. They are experienced, well educated and with all the needed equipment that they need in order to perform proper cleaning in a way that will supply you with not only great results but they will stay for longer. So, do not worry when you see the “dry cleaning only” label on your upholstery. This is something that can be overcome when the job is done by professionally trained cleaners.

Other question that is frequently asked is the question about the time that the upholstery needs to dry. Many people want to know the answer of this one because this determines their actions and helps them to plan their time better. On top of that, properly performed drying, can save you mould and unpleasant smells on the fabrics.
Professional cleaners use special truck-mounted machines with serious vacuum power to deal with big part of the water which had left after the cleaning procedure. Other trick that the cleaners use is to turn on high speed air movers like fans and heaters. This speeds up the drying significantly. Usually the drying takes around 1 to 3 hours when performed by professionals.

Many want to know if there is a way for them to protect their furnishing with some sort of special chemical protector.

The upholstery gets as much wear and tears as the carpeting, so adding special protecting chemical on it is something that can save money and time. Most professional cleaners Greenhill offer such protectants, so if you want to have your precious upholstery for longer and better looking, you will need to take a good care after it.

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