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There are many things we used to throw away that can help us with maintaining the house cleanliness. If we add some accessories that every home has we can make a really useful handbook for cheap and easy house cleaning. So, here is a list of the tools you can use in the house maintenance instead of throwing them away, given by Islington Cleaners.
Wet Wipes. These are usually used for make-up removing, face cleaning, but also can be used for dusting, surface cleaning and blotting spilled liquids. Handkerchiefs also can be used for blotting spilled liquid and wiping.
Chalk. Keep some pieces of chalk in the cabinet where you keep your silver items – jewelery, dishes, in order to prevent the silver of getting dark and losing its shine. The chalk absorbs the moisture in the air before it gets to the silver items and takes away their shine.
Cotton buds. The little cotton sponges used for make-up and ear cleaning can be also used to clean the keyboard, furniture and each tiny space where a cloth can’t get in.
Vodka. This drink is good not only for making cocktails but for house cleaning as well. It can be used for disinfection of different surfaces or removing odors from clothes. What you need to do is just adding some vodka to the laundry and washing them in the machine. This will kill all the bacteria and microbes and will remove the bad smell from the fibers.
Vegetable Oils. In order to remove the wax easily from candlesticks just spray some vegetable oil inside and outside of the candlestick.
Rice or Egg Shells. These will help you to clean the bottles, vases and such easily. Mix them with some dish washing liquid and water, pour in the bottle or vase, shake well and rinse.
Nail File. This can be used for removing stains from your velvet upholstery.
Paper Towels. These can be used for drying glass bottles.
Hairdryer. Use a hairdryer to remove the stickers and labels on the house accessories. The heat will loose the glue and it will be easier to remove the sticker or label without leaving any sticky traces.
Toothbrushes. Old toothbrushes can be used for cleaning the little tiny spaces in the house such as fugues, the clefts on the furniture, little details and so on.
Nail Polish. Apply a thin layer of colorless nail polish on the bottom of items made of metal to reduce the risks of rust. You can use this trick in the bathroom for instance.
These are just a small part of the house items you can use for cleaning and maintaining your home. And remember, if the property you olive in is maintained properly you won’t need to call end of tenancy cleaning Islington companies.

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