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They are found in the petal or whole flower ( ylang ylang ), flowering tops ( lavender ), leaves ( tea tree ), grasses ( lemongrass ), seeds ( coriander ), fruits and peels ( lemon ), woods and bark ( sandalwood ), rhizomes ( ginger ), and resin and gums ( frankincense and myrrh ). Aromatherapy is practised through methods like:

Inhaling essential oils can bring can bring quick relief to the respiratory and stress related conditions.
Close eyes when you inhale.
Dry inhalation: splash 6-8 drops of essential oil on a tissue. Inhale deeply thrice.
Steam inhalation: add 3-4 drops of essential oil to a vessel of hot water. Lean over, covering the head with a towel. Inhale deeply. Avoid this if you are asthamatic. Add 6 drops of essential oil to water in an oil burner or electric diffuser and inhale its vapours.

Baths keep blood flowing to surface tissues, supplying them with oxygen. Add a blend of essential oils to a warm bath.
The oil is absorbed into the skin and its vapours inhaled (warm water causes evaporation of the essential oil). But first mix oils with a dispersant, like one teaspoon of sweet almond, full fat milk or alcohol. If you have dry or sensitive skin, add oils to more carrier vegetable oil, like jojoba, avocado or wheat germ.
For adults: add 8 drops to a warm bath. Stay in water for twenty minutes. Children over two years, pregnant women and elderly people should use half the dose.

A massage with essential oils helps pass oils into the body while relaxing muscles, enabling the blood and lymph to flow free and soothe the mind.
For adults: add 4 drops to 10 ml or 8 drops to 20 ml of vegetable carrier oil, or 8 drops to 40 g vegetable cream or lotion. Massage in upward strokes.

A compress is simply water and essential oil applied externally to the body with a cloth. It can be hot or cold depending on the condition. Let the hot compress be as hot as you can tolerate it, to reduce muscular pain. Dip a cold compress in icy water for maximum effect, it is good for treating sprains, swellings, headaches and it also helps to reduce fever to a great extent.

Hydrosol offer quick application of essential oils. They help treat emotional or skin conditions.
Mouth wash and gargling:
Mouthwashes and gargles help relieve inflamed mucous surfaces in the mouth. Repeat the process three to four times in a day.

If you are feeling cold:
This blend might warm you up. Mix 2 drops cardamom essential oil, 1 drop each black pepper and ginger essential oil with 10 ml of carrier oil. Add to your bath. Soak to feel the heat generated by these powerful essential oils.

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