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Can a woman ever have enough purses and bags? Many will claim that the answer is no, and yet a majority of girls and women tend to use the same bag or two repeatedly until they practically fall apart. That’s because, while trends come and go, classic shapes and styles will always remain in vogue (and, for that matter, Vogue).
Preferred colors, patterns and fabrics may vary according to the individual, but the following five types of bags are essential to compliment any outfit.
Classic Handbag
This sturdy, ubiquitous style can take a girl from a meeting to lunch. These purses are usually medium-sized, good for toting essentials such as a wallet, phone and a bit of makeup, but not large enough to carry numerous extras for a full day out. It’s a ladylike look, perfectly paired with a skirt, dress or nice pants. The straps are usually at a length to be carried by hand as opposed to swung over the shoulder.

If squared-off edges seem too “hard” or old-fashioned, consider a “bucket” shape. The edges are a more rounded and therefore a bit softer. The difference is that many bucket bags don’t have a closure the way handbags do, so users need to be sure all their belongings stay within the bag and don’t fall out.
Tote Bag
Totes are increasingly popular as everyday bags, not simply for travel. Most designers make tote bags, often in soft and cushy leather (but totes can be found in all fabrics.) Perhaps it’s the increase in the number of items women carry with them that make tote bags so essential.
Totes can be found in many crazy fabrics and patterns, but most women will get the best use out of a more neutral color and fabric – blacks, browns, grays or silvers complement most outfits.

Clutches, a very old-fashioned type of purse, have made a huge comeback in the past few seasons. Designers have shown everything from fancy, bejeweled styles to casual everyday looks. Since a clutch is so small, however, and the contents inside quite limited, it may be worthwhile to buy a more dressy style to use for nicer occasions (dinners, parties, et cetera.)
One thing to keep in mind with a clutch is that it has to be held in hand the entire night, there are no straps to relieve carrying it. That’s why a worthy alternative (or addition) to a clutch is a…
Wristlets are special because they can serve two purposes – they can be their own purse, or most have a keychain strap that can be connected to a larger bag (a great way to keep important items, such as keys or money, separate from the rest of the contents of a larger bag.) The brand Coach helped popularize wristlets several years ago, and many designers currently have wristlets as part of their purse inventory, including Marc Jacobs.
Because wristlets are miniature in size, bright or colorful patterns that may seem overwhelming on larger bags look cute and attractive on a wristlet. It also doesn’t particularly matter if the wristlet matches the larger bag, though it’s often easy to find coordinating bags if desired.
Over-the-Shoulder Bag
This can be any bag that’s large enough to be worn over the shoulder or across the chest, ideal for circumstances in which the user needs to keep both hands free or wants extra protection for her bag – such as mothers pushing strollers, long shopping trips or within crowded areas. One style that fits this requirement is a messenger bag, though there are other slimmer and chicer options available as well (such as smaller, squared purses with lengthy straps.)

Can you imagine going out without a purse? Can you imagine going out without an amazing purse that you simply adore? This is what clutch purses are – gorgeous and adorable purses that substantially contribute to your overall look.
They have been worn by numerous celebrities and if you pay attention to what these fabulous women wear on the red carpet, you will realize that no respectable actress or singer can be seen without wearing a classy clutch purse.
Clutch purses are extremely feminine and classy. If you are going for an elegant and sophisticated look, you cannot do without one of these. There is wide variety of styles, colors and brands, but what you should choose depends on the occasion.
The main types of clutch purses are divided into three groups: evening, beaded and designer clutch purses. There are no major differences between them, only details, but every woman knows that achieving a sexy and gorgeous look is all about details.
As the name itself suggests, evening purses are suitable for formal dinners and special occasions. Dinner parties and any other kind of evening events require you to be a bit more extravagant. Clutch purses will definitely help you look elegant and chic.
Designer clutch purses are usually good quality purses that are made of not so cheap materials. They will improve your look whenever you need to appear sophisticated and lady-like. They are also classy, which makes them suitable for any kind of high class occasion.
Beaded clutch purses are customized purses and they can also be appropriate for formal occasions and special events. These purses are for women who want to express themselves and who want to show that they have impeccable fashion sense.
All of these clutch purses are extremely small and you cannot expect to carry all sorts of things with you. Your lipstick, keys and credit cards will all fit into one, and let`s be realistic – you don`t actually need any more than that because your gorgeous clutch purse is all you need
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