Two Simple Ways to Remove Wine Stains

If you love drinking red wine, it must have happened to you at least once to stain some of your favourite clothes. What you should do in a situation like this is take immediate action. It is recommended to try to remove the spot while it is still wet. It is much more difficult to do it when the stain gets dry, with some fabrics it is even impossible.

Here are two methods that will help you get rid of the red wine on your clothes. The products you need in such a case are white wine, baking soda, salt, talcum powder, boiling water and club soda. If you are not sure whether your clothes will survive this treatment you can test a small unnoticeable part and see the result.

London cleaning experts say that the first method can be easily applied no matter if you are in a restaurant, at a dinner party or just at home. You should blot the stained area using a clean cloth. Watch out not to scrub it. Otherwise, the spot will spread and soak into the fabric. Then put a little white wine on the stain and blot again with a clean cloth. If it does not help, pour a small amount of club soda and absorb it. Finally, sprinkle the salt, baking soda or talc on the white stain and leave for a few minutes – it will soak up the wine and the spot will be gone.

The second method is not so popular and easier to do at home. You need boiling water and a glass bowl. Before doing anything make sure your garment can be treated with boiling water as some types of fabric are ruined by it. Then you have to place the stained piece of clothing across the bowl and pour the boiling water. When the water passes through the fabric, it will take the spot out. Before putting the garment in the drier, make sure you the stained has already been removed. If the drying process is complete, it will be unachievable to get rid of the stain.

Leading cleaning London companies recommend you trying one of these two methods as soon as you spill wine on your clothes. If you notice the spot when it is dry, it is too late to attempt anything and you had better use professional service.

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