Travelling to Thailand on a Budget

Travelling is maybe of the most desired things by the people from all over the world. We all want to learn and see new things, to understand more about the other people, cultures, ways of life. However, in a world where money determine happiness and where not only love but also health and people can be bought, the first thing which you will have to think about before starting your journey is money.

However as well as the cheap calls and the cheap cars, travelling can also be cheap and made on a budget, so here are my tips on how to reach Thailand and where to stay while you are there.

Despite the distance, you can reach Bangkok hitch-hiking. Of course, if you travel from Japan you will need quite less time for that compared to travelling from Europe, but it is possible. This will save you money from flights, airport taxes etc.

Other thing you will need to consider before going to Thailand is the communication. You have to know how exactly you are going to call Thailand. Fortunately, with the latest technologies this is very easy. Thanks to VoIP and Skype, you can make your calls without worrying about the bill at the end of the month.

The third thing of course, is the hotel, so here are some places which look pretty nice and can be really worthy, if you are on a budget.

Sai Thong Resort in Koh Tao
While the other islands around have long-term draws, the Sai Thong is a place where you can stay not in a modern, luxury hotel but in a simple fan cooled bungalow. This may sound a bit prehistoric but actually it is not. It is simple but it is not uncivilised. You have your bathroom, a nice bed and hammocks. Each bungalow has a balcony and almost private white sand beach. The prices are very good- around 11 to 50 Euros.

Relax Bay
Here you can find secluded beaches and bamboo bungalows, which match perfectly to the name of the place. With many diving schools, you will have the chance to explore the place and learn more about the flora and fauna.

These of course are just a small part of the places which you can visit. However, not all of them have phones, so even if you want to make some international calls to Thailand in order to make a reservation you may not be able to do it. So, you can book your room or bungalow on the internet, where you can find more pictures and information.

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