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Touch screen devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or music players, are the most popular item which we can see nowadays. Super convenient, ultra thin and customer-friendly, the touch screen devices are truly the markings of the technological advance that humanity had reached. But many people don’t really know how to properly clean their expensive gadgets. Proper maintenance and cleaning is important not only for hygienic reasons, but it also boosts the whole performance of your tech-toy.

Cleaners in Melbourne have many helpful tips, explaining exactly how the process should be carried properly. It is not such a hard task, but when dealing with technology you always have to be very careful.

First thing to do, is to switch the device off. Some tablets for instance, have a maintenance mode added in their menus. Maintenance mode is really helpful, because the display switches itself in a safe-to-clean condition, and sets its light in a condition, perfect for spotting stains and smudges.

Dampen a cloth lightly with plain water. Gently rub the surface of the device, afterwards wipe with a soft cloth to dry. Avoid using cloths, made from a rough material, touch screen displays are very delicate and a rude rag may cause unwanted scratches.

Use a tooth pick to clean the crevices of the device, be gentle, just rub lightly, so to make the developed dirt go away. Using damp disinfection wipes is also a good way to wipe your display. They consist just a small amount of alcohol, so are safe to work with. Using alcohol is not recommended.

Cleaning services Melbourne suggest to address a professional to clean your device from the inside.  Contacting professional technicians is always the right way to take care of your gadget. Many people make the mistake, of taking the matter in their own hands – if you are not fully familiar with the model you are working it, never start disassembling and never touch things which you don’t recognise.

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