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We all have mobile phones these days and we all know how important they are for the lives that we live. They are our connection, business organisers, fun stations. They are everything for the modern person and unfortunately this is even more true for the generation that is coming after. These kids use their phones from the moment they wake up till the moment they go to bed. On top of that most of them have also tablets, laptops etc. So, obviously the gadgets have an important role in our lives and so we need to maintain them properly so that we can use them for longer and better. The way to do so is by regular cleaning.

How to Clean a Mobile Phone?

The modern smartphones are completely covered from one of their sides with a screen. They are practically huge, flat screens that can do almost anything. So, the most obvious thing to clean here is the screen. It may have fingerprints on it or grease, stains or anything else. One way to clean it is by using a special Screen cleaner. These can be found in almost any mobile phone selling shop. Their price online is around half an Euro and in the shops it should be around Euro and a half to two maximum.

Screen Cleaner

The screen can be cleaned in another way too – a simple screen cover or “glove” as the technology geeks call it. The main idea behind this is that you simply put your machine inside and it rubs into the fabric when putting it in and out so that the screen is cleaned on its own.

Cleaning “Glove”

Once a month the machine should be opened and cleaned from the dust inside. You will be surprised by how much of it is there and how stiff it has become. For the procedure, get some q-tips and rubbing alcohol, dip the tips inside and clean the surface well. Use another q-tips to clean the buttons too. They are the surface where most of the bacteria are and therefore most of your efforts should be focused.

Some professionals may help you to deal with the dust inside of the machine too. They know how to open these and how to close them in a way which will use all of the parts and none will be left, which is quite an achievement we have to agree.

Clean House

Of course, we need to clean our homes too. There is no way for the machines to be dustless if the whole room is filthy. The easiest way to achieve a good result here is by cleaning the house too. For some help from professionals click here. Such pros are on the look out for the latest techniques and solutions, so that they can deliver quality fast.

Tip: always when you go to the beach, have your phone wrapped well and covered. This should be the first step which you have to do in order to be sure that the machine is well protected. Some sand inside can be really damaging, believe it or not.

So, with these and many more tips available online, the mobile phone cleaning and maintain is easier now!

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