Top Advantages of Outsourcing to an India Call Center

More and more you are seeing companies make a smart financial move by using an India call center for their customer support, tech support, order taking, collections, telemarketing and even business processes.

When you consider how high the cost of doing business is during the modern age, versus the lowered return on profits – or investment – it’s easy to understand why India call centers are so popular.

The biggest advantage found with India call centers is that five star customer services is attainable, but you won’t have to pay the astronomical domestic rates to get them. This equates to better service for fewer dollars, which in the end amounts to more profits without detriment to quality, brand or image.

Outsourcing to an India call center Saves Money
Consider this: An American call center is staffed with domestic workers that earn a very competitive wage in the US. When compared to countries like India, where competitive wages are significantly less than in the US, you can easily reduce your overhead costs by using an India call center instead.

Additionally, the workers are very motivated, as they are being paid a top wage in their country, but one that is much less than the top wage in the US.

You Get the Same or Better Quality of Service with an India call center
The best India call centers are staffed with expertly trained agents. They speak very clear and discernable English in a pleasant tone. Most people won’t even know they are talking to an outsourced India call center.

The reps also are experts at up-selling, cross-selling and even retaining frustrated customers. You won’t notice a lack of quality with outsourced India call centers, just reduced costs and increased profits.

India Call Center Are Best for Sales/Order Takers versus Philippines
When considering an India call center for sales over a Philippines one, they are the better of the pair. Since in India there are fewer accent notes, the customers connect more with the agents.

This means that India call centers are best for sales campaigns over Philippines, if you are considering using one for sales that is.

Who Outsource to India Call Centers?
There are several very intriguing advantages to using an India call center versus a domestic one. The following helpful list can enable you to identify why this is so.
1. Lower cost of doing business
2. Expert agents that improve profit
3. Same or better brand/image representation
4. Improved overall profit margins and bottom line
5. Fewer headaches so you can focus on running your business

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