Top 6 Tips How to Maintain Your Watches

If one of your bad habits is that you often late for work and punctuality is not your strong side, then I can guess what Christmas gift you’ve been given this year! Watches come in different shapes, sizes, colours and are made of different materials. However, most of these time counters are sensitive to scratches and other possible damages, which is the main reason why you have to learn how to maintain them in the right way.

If you have never had a watch before and you have no idea what is required for its regular maintenance, then London cleaning professionals will help you with this task, giving you a few useful and effective tips on how to preserve the good look of your new watch.

1. Do not ever throw the manufacturer’s box in the garbage disposal. These boxes are specially designed to protect your watch from harmful influences and possible damages. So, every time after using the watch place it back in its box.

2. Do not ever put your watch in the jewellery box together with your other bracelets and accessories. Because the last ones can scratch the surface of your watch.

3. Another thing that you should also avoid is the use of white vinegar and perfumes to remove marks or stains on the watch. These ingredients can spoil the look of the watch.

4. Wear leather strapped watches during the summer and metallic ones in the winter. The damp climate can damage the leather material.

5. Do not forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions first, before cleaning any kind of stains on your watch.

6. Our exclusive cleaners in London advise to take your watch to a professional watchmaker, once in a while, especially if the timepiece need to be repaired. This way, you will be sure that your precious gift will be safe and will get the best possible cares. After all every watch has do be checked by watchmaker in some period of time.

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