Top 5 Foods Causing Mega Stains

Food gives our bodies strengths and restores the energy, we loose in our dynamic everyday lives. Moreover, food is something necessary, but sometimes the ecstasy of its consumption can change your sense for taste. However, what happens when you have a bite of the most delicious meal, you have ever eaten, and then you see that there is a huge stain on your gorgeous silk dress?!

One of the most common problems, which people often experience in their everyday lives are different annoying stains on their clothes, caused by different sorts of food and drinks. For instance, many of the cleaners London often cannot find an effective way to get rid of tough stains. Therefore, they try different tricks and tips, most of which published in the web, to handle such difficult cleaning situations. However, why you have to give money on expensive cleaning agents or spend much time, in front of your computer, when you can just be more careful when eating some kind of stain causing food?! So, here is a list, including some of the most displeasing, stain causing foods, which you have to avoid or just be more careful around them.

1. Olive Oil - it is a great ingredient for your meals, but when a drop of it appears on your pants, the feeling definitely is not so pleasant.

2. Paste Sauce - We all love Italian food but not eating it from our shirts.

3. Coffee - Aromatic, dark and tasty … But why every time it spills, in the most inappropriate moment?

4. There is nothing batter than a glass of red wine, after the hard days work. However, be careful, because even professional London cleaners could not be able to help you, if something bad happens.

5. Usually, people are still asleep, when they brush their teeth early in the morning. However, at least try to not brush them, wearing your working clothes. Because, in this case, nobody can help you to get to work, on time.

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